Historians, Economists and Others Appearing in the Film
(Including Project Advisors)

Prof. Wesley M. Bagby (Advisor)
(West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia)
End of WWI & The Road to Normalcy.

Prof. Warren I. Cohen
(University of Maryland Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD)
Foreign policy in the 1920's; Empire Without Tears.

John Coolidge (Advisor)
(Plymouth Notch, Vermont)
Recollections of the President's son.

Frederick Coolidge Crawford
(Guildhall, Vermont)
The Coolidge prosperity; business & ethics.

C. Douglas Dillon
(New York, New York)
Parallels between the Coolidge-Mellon tax reductions in the 1920's and the tax cuts of Kennedy-Dillon in the 1960's.

Prof. Burton W. Folsom, Jr. (Advisor)
(Murray State University, Murray, Kentucky)
Coolidge-Mellon tax plan; the Coolidge prosperity; agriculture & McNary-Haugenism.

Prof. John Kenneth Galbraith
(Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts)
Tax policy of the 1920's; the Coolidge Prosperity; causes of the 1929 Crash and Depression.

Prof. Robert E. Gilbert
(Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts)
Coolidge's origins, education, Massachusetts political career,Vice-Presidency & Presidency; death of Calvin, Jr.

Duff Gilfond
(Washington, D.C.)
Personal recollections of Coolidge & the 20's; writing The Rise of St.Calvin.

Prof. Ellis W. Hawley (Advisor)
(University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa)
The search for peace & prosperity; the Coolidge Presidency; toward a new economy & a higher self-government; the associative vision at home & abroad.

Prof. Joan Hoff
(Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana)
Foreign relations & domestic agricultural policies during the 1920's; Coolidge's Presidential & administrative style.

Prof. Melvyn P. Leffler
(University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia)
American economic and diplomatic policy toward Western Europe in the 1920's.

 Prof. William E. Leuchtenburg
(University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina)
The Perils of Prosperity; The Coolidge Presidency.

Prof. Donald R. McCoy (Advisor)
(University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas)
Coolidge biographer.

Violette Michael
(Plymouth Notch, Vermont)
Childhood memories of Calvin Coolidge

Prof. Robert K. Murray (Advisor)
(Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania) Red Scare; The Harding Era; the 1924 Presidential election; Greatness in the White House; Coolidge policies & style

George Nash (Advisor)
(Hoover Library, West Branch, Iowa)
The Coolidge prosperity; economy in government; Coolidge- Mellon tax plan; McNary-Haugenism; Hoover & Coolidge.

Dr. Michael Platt (Advisor)
(East Wallingford, Vermont)
Coolidge's education; influence of Charles E. Garman; the Autobiography; things of the spirit.

Prof. Benjamin G. Rader
(University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska)
Tax policy in the 1920's; spectator sports.

Lawrence W. Reed
(Mackinac Center for Public Policy, Midland, Michigan)
Monetary policy in the 1920's; causes of the Crash and Depression.

Prof. Christina Romer
(Univeristy of California, Berkeley, California)
The Coolidge Prosperity; causes of the Crash and Depression.

Prof. Emily S. Rosenberg
(Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota)
Spreading the American Dream; American economic and cultural expansion in the 1920's.

Prof. Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
(CUNY Graduate Center, New York, New York)
Critique of the Coolidge Presidency and commentary on the Coolidge era. Greatness in the White House.

George Seldes
(Hartland, Vermont)
Personal recollections of Coolidge as statesman. Coolidge myths. Recognition of Soviet Union.

Richard Norton Smith (Advisor)
(Hoover Library, West Branch, Iowa)
Origins; idealism; personal & political character; Hoover & Coolidge; retirement years & death.

Sheldon Stern
(JFK Library, Boston, Massachusetts)
Teaching the 1920's. The problem of presentism.

Victor Ward
(Plymouth Notch, Vermont)
Childhood memories of Calvin Coolidge

Prof. Susan Ware
(New York University, New York, New York)
"The 1920's: Toward a Corporate Economy and Mass Culture."


Additional Advisors

Jim Cooke
(Boston, Massachusetts)
Coolidge's life & rhetoric.

Prof. Robert H. Ferrell
(Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana)
America at the close of WWI; The Talkative President ; Peace in their Time ; Coolidge and his era.

August Heckscher
(Seal Harbor, Maine)
Wilson & the League; post-war America & the Red Scare.

Prof. Richard Kottman
(Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa)
The life & time of Calvin Coolidge.

Lawrence E. Wikander
(Forbes Library, Northampton, Massachusetts)
Coolidge's personal & political character; wit and humor.


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