A biographical film on the personal and political life of Calvin Coolidge:

Quite simply, the finest documentary I've ever seen.
  Michael Medved — film critic

An absorbingly interesting and much needed revaluation of a much underrated president.

  Louis Auchincloss — writer and biographer of Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt

“Things of the Spirit” provides an amazing and moving story of Presidential character, strength and achievement... an important, poignant and truly American story nearly lost to us forever — but now with care, skill and thoroughness, it has been resurrected.

  John E. Hilboldt — Director, Lectures and Seminars at The Heritage Foundation

You have made me a believer in Calvin Coolidge. I think you may be personally responsible for changing the public perception of Coolidge.

  Philip H. Hoff — former three-term Democratic Governor
of Vermont

Great stuff and that comes from a man who has looked at hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of documentary effort. John Karol is a particularly talented and competent filmmaker.

  Richard W. Carlson — former president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

Extraordinary film and history making... Calvin Coolidge is probably one of the most misunderstood figures in the history of American politics... It gives us a special look at the 1920s in a way that helps to counteract the almost cartoon-like quality of much of the reporting of the history of that decade... "Things of the Spirit" is an important historical happening.

  Michael S. Dukakis former Governor of Massachusetts and Democratic nominee for President of the United States

"Things of the Spirit" is a revelation. It transforms gripping history into an inspiring work of art... See it. You'll never think the same way about Calvin Coolidge again.


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